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About pathway

Let's talk about death together. 

Hi! I’m Caitlin Greene and I use she/her pronouns. I started Pathway in September 2020 after completing end of life doula training with INELDA. I have been drawn to end of life care for several years and have always had a certain level of comfort around those who are dying.


I am also licensed as a registered nurse with most of my eight years of experience being in hospice and intensive care units.

I aim to help people feel empowered as they approach the end of their life. My goal is to work closely with my clients to understand what matters to them. What matters to you.

Much of my doula practice centers around reviewing life experiences, legacy projects, and holding vigil but ultimately, how I work with clients depends upon the needs of each individual client. Everyone’s process is as unique as they are.

To give you a bit about me, these are a few of my favorite things: reading, baking, painting, attempting to throw pottery, writing, gardening, hiking, camping, spending time with my loved ones and spending time outdoors. I am also trained as a yoga instructor and movement is an important part of my life.

 I am a National End of Life Doula Alliance proficient doula and trained in Psychological First Aid by the American Red Cross.




If you think we could be a good fit or you would like to schedule a chat, feel free to call, email, or contact me through the website.


Disclaimer: When working with a client, Caitlin is providing care as a doula only and is not providing medical care, instruction, or advice in any capacity. 

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