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Let's Explore Grief Together

Yesterday I felt grief. I tried to hide from it by attempting to busy myself. I had things on my to-do list and I was determined to check off those boxes. I told my partner I didn't feel like working on them. He whispered in my ear, "Then don't."

I continued to push.

During a mid-day social media distraction moment, I saw a post by @ckingsolutions on Instagram, an organizer coach and death organizer in Oakland, CA. The post was about meeting yourself where you are. A practice I know for patients and clients, and myself most of the time. But the gentle reminder in the post was what I needed. <practice what you preach>

So I went for a walk in the woods. I gave myself space. I felt where the grief was showing up in my body.

I hope you are able to give yourself space for your grief today. Or give yourself space for your joy today. Or space for both of them!

If it feels ok and safe for you, check in with your body right now and see what you are feeling. :)

I'm going to have some new grief offerings coming soon, virtually and in person. I am excited about growing community around grief and supporting each other.

Much love.

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